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Store files and folders on the cloud and navigate through your collection
Shadow-Box — Last year
Good amount of cloud storage with really nice features.
Brian Paige — 4 years ago
allows me to sync the dropbox folder over many computers. Appears normal on all machines and is up to date. A pleasure. I wish I'd have this software few years ago. I'd have had many more pics of my kids.
Guest — 4 years ago
I'm trying the free version and I find it really good and extremely comfortable. I highly recommend it!
Guest — 5 years ago
Best app ever. You are able to collaborate with others via any computer.
Shohom — 6 years ago
Arvis Lācis — 6 years ago
Excellent online file storing place with a lot of start-up space (2.5 GB).
Guest — 6 years ago
useful,powerful,easy to use
vando — 6 years ago
Works great to transfer files form my tower to my laptop. It saved me a few times. When i forgot my flash drive.
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