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When I need to work with files or documents in more places than my office workplace, I have to take them with me. Or do I? Isn't it easier to upload them to cloud storage and access them when I have need, instead of dragging around a physical object containing a copy, which can be lost, damaged, or even stolen? And do I really need to litter the virtual space with copies and copies of the same?

Of course not. But going to clouds is not a practice we are used to yet. We need something simple and easy to do the right thing. And Dropbox is that simple and easy helper. It is a small non-intrusive program which, once installed, allows you to store files and access them from any device that has Dropbox client installed. Any filed, documents, pictures or video will be right there in a older of your making. No special measures or procedures, once you are registered, you have a limitless vault you can access from anywhere.

And this literally solves the problem of destroyed files. When you store files in Dropbox, they will be safe even after the device you uploaded them from is damaged beyond repair, even if all your devices are gone, when you get a new one, the files will be there.

Not only that, but you can also share the files you store with other people by creating common folders. It's much easier and faster than sending files via e-mail or direct download bit by bit. This way, teamwork and common interests go to a whole new level of comfort.

All in all, Dropbox is quickly becoming indispensable for people busy with work or just not wishing to drag behind the progress.

James Lynch
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