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Dropbox is the popular cloud storage and file synchronization service
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Dropbox is the popular cloud storage and file synchronization service that hardly needs any further presentation. Over the years it cemented its place in the top 3 of cloud storage solutions, next to products that have big brands behind them, like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Dropbox is so successful mostly thanks to the fact that it offers a really attractive combination of benefits, including simplicity and reliability. The fact that it's already so popular is an advantage in itself, as many applications currently offer support, integration, and compatibility with Dropbox, and many services use Dropbox as their choice for their file syncing and sharing features. You may never know when your Dropbox account comes in handy.

Its cross-compatibility capabilities are also well impressive. Dropbox can be used from any device with ease, making file synchronization, sharing, and online storing a really simple and convenient thing to do for anyone. When used on a Windows computer, Dropbox works in an impressively unobtrusive manner, flawlessly integrated with the rest of the system and looking more like an original part of it than a separate app. In other words, Dropbox seamlessly integrates with Windows systems which makes using it really comfortable and pleasant.

Until recently Dropbox used Amazon's S3 storage system to store the files, which was quite a surprising fact, even disappointing for some, considering Dropbox's fame, but as of 2016 this has been changed: Dropbox uses their own hardware for the data storing.

Another rather recent improvement is the support for real-time collaboration, currently available to Office Online users who have paid Office 365 licenses, which helps Dropbox keep the pace with the other big names in the cloud storage domain, the Google Drive and MS OneDrive, which already had similar functionality included among their features.

To cut the long story short, though this year the privacy concerns regarding Dropbox's safety levels have increased with the publishing of password for tens of millions of stolen Dropbox accounts, Dropbox remains the same highly-appreciated and widely-acclaimed cloud storage solution, as its benefits are undeniable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Seamless integration with the OS
  • Numerous handy features as well as constant improvements and enhancements
  • Real-time collaboration functionality


  • Privacy concerns related to recent events
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