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Dropbox is a service to back up your files online, access them on many devices
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Dropbox is the leading file hosting service based on the cloud that offers 2GB of free storage, and an ability to buy storage packages according to your personal, educational, or corporate needs. It offers clients for all the major operating systems, as well as for the mobile OS, so all the devices can work synchronizing their contents with the common online Dropbox folder.

The Dropbox client for PC integrates into the Windows shell and allows to use some right-click functions, such as to send a file to the Dropbox folder, which will make the file accessible online, as well as on all synchronized devices.

Dropbox runs in the system tray, constantly synchronizing your local folder with the contents of the online folder. It uses minimal resources and offers the option to pause the sync if you have a slow connection or if you want to save some bandwidth for other application.

You can upgrade the storage capacity of your Dropbox account, by completing some requirements, such as installing Dropbox onto other device, or refering other users to install Dropbox on their devices. The limit for the bonus space for the free account is 14GB, which added to the starting 2GB, makes for a nice 16GB of total storage possible.

Given its popularity, as well as its reliability, Dropbox for Windows is a nice choice to back up your most important files online. I would definitely recommend it to users looking for a cloud storage solution.

Gabriel Terrazas
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  • Small and fast Windows client keeps your files updated at all times
  • The desktop client uses minimal resources and runs in the system tray
  • Reliable web server for storing your files


  • Limited storage for the free account
  • Prices for upgrading the storage are somewhat high
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